the big day

Tomorrow is a big day for my little girl.

As much as I want this change to happen, as much as I know this will be an amazingly good change…I also know that I’m going to cry. A lot.

I sat here today for over an hour trying to decide what the cake I ordered for tomorrow should say. The cake that will feed all the kids and all the staff (and then some) at Lovie’s daycare.

Tomorrow is her last day there. The cake is to help celebrate this milestone and help us say goodbye.

It would’ve been her last day there long ago, but there wasn’t an opening in her new school until now (summer program starts Monday). While Lovie is doted on like crazy at daycare/preschool (they treat her like a pop star), it’s really much more of a daycare environment than a preschool one. I’m not saying she should be schooled the entire day, but she’s so smart and I don’t want her to get bored (and Montessori school, which she’ll be attending, seems to be an amazingly perfect fit for Lovie and her independence and love of learning).

So tomorrow’s the day we finally say goodbye to daycare.


We’ve had some rough moments these past four-plus years—from getting ready in the morning to leaving her friends at the end of the day—but for the most part it’s all been pretty damn great. Especially since I’ve been able to spend nearly two hours more a day with her because the daycare was close to my work.

But tomorrow will be the last time we’ll spend so much time together during the work week. Tomorrow will be the last time I get to peek at her through the rear-view mirror as I drive the 20 miles to daycare to drop her off, or the 20 miles from daycare driving home. Tomorrow will be the last time we can jam out to Pompeii or Happy or yes, even the Wiggles. Tomorrow will be the last time she can ask me to stop for an Icee or chocolate ice cream because after tomorrow, we’ll be literally two minutes from home.

So what do you have written on a cake for such an occasion?

I almost went with a silly “got cake?” message. Then I thought maybe “eat me” would be fun, too. But this isn’t fun. This saying goodbye to the people who helped mold my baby into a little person, who helped her and encouraged her to sit up and crawl and walk and run and eat with a fork and use the bathroom, isn’t a ton of fun.

So then I thought maybe a simple “Thanks” on the cake would suffice. But really? “Thanks” on a big-ass sheet cake with a smiling sun and flowers?

Eventually I opted to leave it blank. Let the smiling sun and flowers speak for itself.




Tomorrow is a big day for my little girl… and me.



25 Days/Songs: Day 8

Day 8 — song that reminds you of your “first love”

There are so many different ways I could take “first love” and I think that’s the point. Particularly since it’s in quotes. I’d love to take this back to my very first love ever– a boy named Frankie whom I was quite smitten with back in second grade, but, quite frankly, there aren’t any songs that remind me of him. I just remember always getting super excited when he’d show up at the playground after school, and I remember he moved after second grade was over.

I almost took this back to my first real love. Like, the boy I know I loved. Really loved.  There’s a song that totally reminds me of him, but I was a chicken back then and never told him how I felt. Then he moved states away when we were around 14 so by the time I got my nerve up to tell him how I felt, he was gone. Sniff, sniff.

No, instead, I’m taking this back to my “first love” who took my virginity. Why not? Thing is, I was beyond ready when the time came as I was already out of college. What? Yeah, I went to four different high schools so I didn’t date. At all. So when the opportunity finally came, I snatched it up. Oh yes I did. No regrets either. Did I love him? I don’t think so. I also don’t think he loved me. Regardless, he was my “first” and this song reminds me of him in so many fucking ways it’s kinda cray.



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25 Songs/Days: Day 7

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Days 5 & 6

Day 7 – song that reminds you of the past summer

I mean, really. 2013 to me screams Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. I freaking love it. Each and every time I hear it, I wanna move. Oddly, last summer, I didn’t want to do any kind of moving because it was too bloody hot. And I hate hot. I just am not a fan of summer. Not at all. But this song? Hell yeah I’m a fan. “Hey Hey Hey!”

What song reminds you of last summer?

25 Songs/Days: days 5 & 6

So clearly I suck at posting daily. Such is life sometimes.

Day 1
Day 2
Days 3 & 4

Day 5= song that often gets stuck in your head.

I’m gonna go with a more recent song for this one. It’s one I didn’t really care too much for until I saw the band perform the song live on Saturday Night Live. From that performance on, I just couldn’t get enough of this song. Still can’t! I even got my 4 year-old asking for this song and she’s normally one that demands “kids music.”

Day 6= song that reminds you of a best friend.

Heh, this one makes me smile so much. It brings me back to a time in my life when things were just starting to get really messed up in life, but not so much that I didn’t still have a ton of fun. I was about 10 when this came out and was in a brand new school. It was the first time I switched schools so I was still OK with the change. I was still outgoing and playful and … ten. I met a girl who lived two streets away from me– Shari. We became pretty inseparable and this song was super popular during that time. Listening to it brings me right back to her apartment with her younger brother and older sister. I can still see us all just running around the apartment scream-singing to this song. Good memories. Good, good memories that aren’t very common from back then. Also, I was SURE they were singing “Warm my cold Italian heart” back in the day. Ha.

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25 Songs/Days: days 3 & 4

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Day 3= song that reminds you of one/both parents…

I said it back during Day 1 that there’s a song I’ve written about before and a song, I’m sure, I’ll write about again. That would the same song that reminds me of my parents: Chicago’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry.

You can read more about why I chose that song HERE.


Day 4= song that clams you down.

This one is really tough. How do you choose ONE song that’s best suited for calming you down? I haven’t a freaking clue, nor do I have all the time in the world to figure it out. So how did I choose one? I looked to my favorite artist of all and picked one of his tunes. Even that wasn’t very easy to do because Bryan Adams has been around for a long damn time and has a ton of songs to choose from. Nevertheless, I’m picking one from this 1983 Cuts Like a Knife album: Straight from the Heart.

Choosing a Bryan Adams song as one that calms me isn’t too difficult; narrowing it down to ONE is, but this is a lovely song, don’t you think? And this video version of it? Wow do I love this man. He’s just such an awesome, inspiring talent.

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25 Songs, 25 Days: day 2

DAY 2 of 

A song that reminds me of my most recent ex? I’ve been with my husband now for fourteen years (married 7 in a few weeks!) so I had to do some thinking about this one… the person I was with prior to S was a dude I met on the internet. A dude I was in a physical relationship with more so than anything else. I remember his first name, I remember he had a kid, I remember his more than ample size (just being honest), I remember he lied about his age, I remember I didn’t give a shit about anything (like his stupid lie– he was like 10 years older than me) other than having fun.

It was 2000 and with the turn of the century, I had vowed to turn a new page in my life and start truly living life for me. It’s also when Blink 182 started getting super popular so for day 2 of this little diddy, I’m going with Blink 182’s, All the Small Things.

What song reminds you of your most recent ex? For more answers to this question, hope over to Stuphblog!

25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 1


The original song that came to mind when I saw the prompt from Day 1 is a depressing one. It’s one I’ve written about before and one I’m sure I’ll write about again. But for the purpose of this challenge, I wanted to at least start it off a little more fun. So I let go of that song (for now) and the very second song that came to mind, was one that I loved so freaking much.

It came out when I was about 12, when life wasn’t so fun anymore. A lot of shit was happening in my family and I felt sort of out of place. A little lost. Actually, I think I felt kind of forgotten about. And Sister Christian? Well, besides the fact that I LOVE piano and rock music–oh and the fact that my name is Christina and I am a sister–the lyrics just really spoke to me. I liked to think that the song was actually about me, that my siblings cared for me the way this sibling cared about his sister.

Boy that doesn’t sound as uplifting as I had hoped it would be. Nevertheless, it’s a kick ass song with great music and lyrics, and, I mean, check out the awesome hair and clothes of the 80s in the kick ass video!

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ode to my life saver

Bryan Adams saved my life. I don’t mean he literally prevented me from taking my last breath…Well, not really.


It was 1987. I was 15 years old and miserable. I was already on my third high school in less than two years because my mom was running from debt collectors. I had literally one friend who lived an hour away. Nobody else would talk to me. I started avoiding looking people in the eyes.

Bryan Adams released his follow-up album to his massive hit record, Reckless. I instantly gravitated to the song that shared the title of the album, Into the Fire. I listened to that album and that song especially, over and over again. I cried and cried. And, for the first time in years, I felt that maybe I really should hang on; maybe there really was a light at the end of that deep dark endless tunnel I seemed to be stuck in.

Soon I learned that Bryan Adams would be coming in concert. I absolutely had to go; I had to survive long enough to at least see him live in concert.

On July 18, 1987 I dressed in my favorite very-worn blue jeans (with holes in the knees) and favorite shirt—a yellow and white vertically striped button down shirt. Of course I popped up the collar and of course I wore my favorite yellow Converse All-stars. I even bought a new BIC lighter to ignite during my favorite songs (of course it died well before the end of the show).

I cried during the show. I screamed and sang as loud as I could, but I cried too. I didn’t scream and cry because OMG Bryan Adams is right there singing to me and he’s so beautiful and lovely and my life will never be the same because I was in the same building with him. That’s not what my screaming and crying was about. Not at all. My screaming was a thank you to him. I didn’t love him because of his face or because he was a Rock Star. It was/is his words, his stories, his music, his passion. That’s what I love about him; it’s so evident to me—always has been—how much he loves what he does.

I guess finding someone with so much love for what he does helped me realize that maybe one day I could love something that much. It gave me hope. He gave me hope.

Twenty-seven years ago, Bryan Adams saved my life.

And one week from today, I get to see him again live in concert during his Bare Bones tour (of which I’ve scored amazing seats!). I’m taking my mom while my husband stays home with my girl (she’s only 4 or I’d probably take her instead). I’m not quite sure what I’ll wear just yet and I definitely won’t be bringing a lighter (but it’s 2014 so I’ll have my cell phone and since our seats are so great, I expect I’ll be taking video and/or photos).

I can’t wait. I’m not holding on for dear life like I was 27 years ago, but I can’t wait nonetheless.

It’s not every day you get to be near the person who saved your life.