She spent her whole life pretending.

A smile always on her face.

Even if she felt ripped to shreds on the inside. Even if she felt complete and utter emptiness on the inside. Still, a smile was present.

She always asked how you were doing… how your family was doing. She listened, really listened. And the next time you ran into her, she’d be sure to ask about you and yours again. Rarely would she speak of herself and hers.

Everyone found her to be so beautiful. Tall. Slender yet curvy. Long hair. Gorgeous eyes reminiscent of days dreaming while looking out to the sea.

She was funny, she was attentive, she was oh so giving.

Don’t you know those are the people who are aching on the inside?

Don’t you know that under that smile and those listening ears is a little girl who feels lost and alone– no matter who is by her side on the outside?

Don’t you know that she needs help? Like real fucking help?

Well, you need to know.

Look around. Really open your eyes and soul and look.

Just because she may seem happy and put together, doesn’t mean that’s the case. Just because she’s newly married and newly a momma to a beautiful baby, doesn’t mean she feels complete.

Because she doesn’t.

If it appears like she’s got everything and the rainbow too, she absolutely doesn’t.

She needs your help but she won’t ask for it because she’s the giver, the listener, the one who’s got it all together. The one who’s trying so hard to hang on but feeling like she’s falling deeper and deeper into darkness.

Hang on. Please hang on.