the big day

Tomorrow is a big day for my little girl.

As much as I want this change to happen, as much as I know this will be an amazingly good change…I also know that I’m going to cry. A lot.

I sat here today for over an hour trying to decide what the cake I ordered for tomorrow should say. The cake that will feed all the kids and all the staff (and then some) at Lovie’s daycare.

Tomorrow is her last day there. The cake is to help celebrate this milestone and help us say goodbye.

It would’ve been her last day there long ago, but there wasn’t an opening in her new school until now (summer program starts Monday). While Lovie is doted on like crazy at daycare/preschool (they treat her like a pop star), it’s really much more of a daycare environment than a preschool one. I’m not saying she should be schooled the entire day, but she’s so smart and I don’t want her to get bored (and Montessori school, which she’ll be attending, seems to be an amazingly perfect fit for Lovie and her independence and love of learning).

So tomorrow’s the day we finally say goodbye to daycare.


We’ve had some rough moments these past four-plus years—from getting ready in the morning to leaving her friends at the end of the day—but for the most part it’s all been pretty damn great. Especially since I’ve been able to spend nearly two hours more a day with her because the daycare was close to my work.

But tomorrow will be the last time we’ll spend so much time together during the work week. Tomorrow will be the last time I get to peek at her through the rear-view mirror as I drive the 20 miles to daycare to drop her off, or the 20 miles from daycare driving home. Tomorrow will be the last time we can jam out to Pompeii or Happy or yes, even the Wiggles. Tomorrow will be the last time she can ask me to stop for an Icee or chocolate ice cream because after tomorrow, we’ll be literally two minutes from home.

So what do you have written on a cake for such an occasion?

I almost went with a silly “got cake?” message. Then I thought maybe “eat me” would be fun, too. But this isn’t fun. This saying goodbye to the people who helped mold my baby into a little person, who helped her and encouraged her to sit up and crawl and walk and run and eat with a fork and use the bathroom, isn’t a ton of fun.

So then I thought maybe a simple “Thanks” on the cake would suffice. But really? “Thanks” on a big-ass sheet cake with a smiling sun and flowers?

Eventually I opted to leave it blank. Let the smiling sun and flowers speak for itself.




Tomorrow is a big day for my little girl… and me.



16 thoughts on “the big day

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I am teary with you..because I remember the last day of daycare for the boys. They started there at 5 months and left when they were 5 and a half..they helped raise my sons and I was a mess of tears, gratitude and love.

    A big day like that? Well thank you for sharing those words and feelings with us. I know your new place and spaces will be just as wonderful but that first leaving is bittersweet.

    I see there’s cake. Cake (love the smiley flowers!) always makes BIG DAYS better! 🙂

      • Kir Piccini says:

        you will, I promise. In fact you’ll get to the next place and cry at the end of Kindergarten (did I DO that??) or at the end of camp.

        You’re going to be fine and if you need someone to understand just come find me. XO

    • she originally wanted me to bring cupcakes but the price to feed everyone a cupcake vs an $18 sheet cake from Costco couldn’t be justified. so i asked her what she wanted on it and she told me flowers and a sun. when i told her they’d all be smiling, her face lit up. my ray of light that child is. ❤

  2. I love watching my friends and acquaintances revisit the milestones of their own childhoods as their children travel that path. Seeing the overlay of adult wistfulness on the child’s eagerness to move on to the next phase is beautiful and bittersweet.

  3. Such an awesome cake for a very, very big day! It’s hard to do, this leaving something behind. I’m excited for Lovie to spread her wings at the new school. You will do great! Then, as they get older, you get more used to them moving on. Still sad, but easier.

  4. I’m glad to hear someone enjoyed their child’s preschool/daycare experience. I really hated mine, because the people were so cold and rude. They singled him out often. It was a GLORIOUS day when I could rip him out of there mid-year when I stopped working. That cake looks yummy and I love that you choose no words.

  5. I’ve had a hard time reading this– and I’ve tried three times– because I’m in the same situation come september. My son will be moving schools and he’s had the best experience during his little preschool. OMG, I’m crying as I write this. Great post and lucky little Lovie.

    • thanks. 🙂
      Thursday was HARD. more so for me than her. i cried as much (MAYBE a wee more than) i anticipated. i really hope this new place her loves her like they did. they even made her a “we will miss you” card with hand prints and stuff!

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