#USA #WorldCup #IBelieve

I’ve tried SO hard not to get too excited. I really, really did. But … man, I can’t help it anymore. After Sunday’s game, I can’t help it. After all the attention the GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD is finally getting in this country (#USA), I just can’t help it anymore. I can’t contain the excitement, the emotions regarding the US team in the World Cup.

See, I’m first generation born American (Chicago, IL). That means that both my mom and dad were born and raised in other countries: my mom hails from Austria, my dad from Italy. You don’t get more soccer than that.

Their love of the game was instilled in us very early on. Then the Chicago Sting formed just a few years after I was born so I absolutely grew up with soccer, soccer, soccer.

And it was amazing. It IS amazing.

For years I struggled with being a soccer fan in the US. It’s just not a popular sport here. Yes, it’s getting more and more popular– especially with kids– but it just doesn’t really get a lot of respect. I mean, even with the US team in the World Cup on the brink of possibly advancing to the next stage, there are still people talking about how boring the game is, etc.

I don’t get it. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to see where they’re coming from. How they can think a sport with a ridiculous amount of time outs is more exciting than the pace of soccer. How they can think hitting a ball and catching it and running around bases is more exciting than soccer where they are in constant movement.

But I stopped. Long ago I stopped trying to defend soccer. I know it’s the greatest game in the world. I know most other sports derive from soccer. I know it’s bullshit that American Football stole soccer’s real name. I know.

And now… now?? Even if you hate the game, even if you find it as boring as watching the hair on your toes grow, even if you have no interest in the game whatsoever, you still hear about it.

And that it why I’m so emotional. That is why I can’t contain my excitement.

Because for the first time in my 40-plus years, people in this country are truly becoming excited about soccer.


11 thoughts on “#USA #WorldCup #IBelieve

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    You sound just like my Hockey loving husband when he compares football (our football not Europe’s 😉 ) and baseball. You’re right of course, soccer deserves its due and I’m so glad it’s getting it right now.

    (everyone in our office is talking about 2 hour lunches today and rooms where they can “work” and watch the game online. Doesn’t that warm your soccer loving heart? )

  2. I played soccer. My boys played soccer. I love playing soccer, but I don’t much get into watching it. To be honest, I don’t find much enjoyment in watching ANY sport. Not like I do playing it. I do like watching the NFL, but I don’t get into it like a lot of guys do.

    • i played it too– till i started developing. 😦 #sadtruth it’s a great game to play though these days i’m sure i’d die within the first five minutes. maybe ten. overall i’m a sports fan. i don’t really dislike any sports (other than golf maybe, or car racing if that’s even considered a sport), but there’s just something about soccer–it’s in my blood.

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