25 Days/Songs: Day 8

Day 8 — song that reminds you of your “first love”

There are so many different ways I could take “first love” and I think that’s the point. Particularly since it’s in quotes. I’d love to take this back to my very first love ever– a boy named Frankie whom I was quite smitten with back in second grade, but, quite frankly, there aren’t any songs that remind me of him. I just remember always getting super excited when he’d show up at the playground after school, and I remember he moved after second grade was over.

I almost took this back to my first real love. Like, the boy I know I loved. Really loved.  There’s a song that totally reminds me of him, but I was a chicken back then and never told him how I felt. Then he moved states away when we were around 14 so by the time I got my nerve up to tell him how I felt, he was gone. Sniff, sniff.

No, instead, I’m taking this back to my “first love” who took my virginity. Why not? Thing is, I was beyond ready when the time came as I was already out of college. What? Yeah, I went to four different high schools so I didn’t date. At all. So when the opportunity finally came, I snatched it up. Oh yes I did. No regrets either. Did I love him? I don’t think so. I also don’t think he loved me. Regardless, he was my “first” and this song reminds me of him in so many fucking ways it’s kinda cray.



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6 thoughts on “25 Days/Songs: Day 8

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I love the story behind the song and what it means to you. I find it so interesting and personal.
    My first love , wow, there are 2 songs: “Is this Love” by Whitesnake and “In Too Deep” (I lost my virginity to that one with him)

  2. The song that reminds me of my “first love” is Glycerine by Bush.

    It must be your skin I’m sinking in
    Must be for real, cause now I can feel

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