25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 1


The original song that came to mind when I saw the prompt from Day 1 is a depressing one. It’s one I’ve written about before and one I’m sure I’ll write about again. But for the purpose of this challenge, I wanted to at least start it off a little more fun. So I let go of that song (for now) and the very second song that came to mind, was one that I loved so freaking much.

It came out when I was about 12, when life wasn’t so fun anymore. A lot of shit was happening in my family and I felt sort of out of place. A little lost. Actually, I think I felt kind of forgotten about. And Sister Christian? Well, besides the fact that I LOVE piano and rock music–oh and the fact that my name is Christina and I am a sister–the lyrics just really spoke to me. I liked to think that the song was actually about me, that my siblings cared for me the way this sibling cared about his sister.

Boy that doesn’t sound as uplifting as I had hoped it would be. Nevertheless, it’s a kick ass song with great music and lyrics, and, I mean, check out the awesome hair and clothes of the 80s in the kick ass video!

And don’t forget to check out more participants of this challenge over at Stuphblog’s place.

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