38 thoughts on “Have all your clocks stopped?

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    it truly is a miracle when the time comes and you realize that your heart is whole, isn’t it?

    I felt this way when I finally got pregnant after years of infertility and then held my sons. Like my heart-clock was finally ticking.

    loved your use of words to describe that moment.

    • yup, this is how I felt the day my daughter was born (but it’s family-free month at YW so shhh). now, time doesn’t freaking slow down at all, of course.

  2. I liked this. I initially took it as a love story, but from reading the comments I see that it could be taken in so many ways–very hopeful.

  3. Everyone is searching for that last piece of the puzzle in some aspect of life, and the truth is that once we finish one puzzle we realize there’s another one elsewhere with stray pieces.

  4. To be whole, no stray pieces, everything fitting together perfectly, as it was intended… I’ve known that feeling once or twice, and there is nothing like it. I thoroughly enjoyed your 42. Well done.

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