excerpts from Phun’s Blog


Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold, making the tiny blond toddler cry out even louder. Like a vicious circle, the girl’s crying made Winter clamp down even harder on her leg. It all happened so fast and within seconds people swarmed around tossing sticks, bags, rocks, even cell phones; but nobody could make the dog release its hold on the girl’s leg.


Finally a tall man in a blue baseball cap squeezed his way through the crowd and injected the mad dog with something that enabled him to put it into a headlock and lock it into a cage.

It was the craziest thing I’d ever seen.


The poor little girl laid on the ground, blood oozing into a puddle below her, turning her into a stop sign. She stopped crying and screaming by then. In fact, the girl seemed to have lost consciousness.

Stupid fucking dogs.

“Winter!” A woman’s voice called out in a bit of a panic. “Winter?!”

“Tell me you’re not calling after your dog,” I said, peering over the top of my sunglasses.

She looked at me. “Have you see him? He’s got yellow—“

Who the fuck names their dog Winter?

“Yeah he just fucking took a chunk outta that poor girl’s leg,” I nodded my head in the direction of the girl still lying motionless in a pool of her own blood.


“Dude, yer dog’s as good as dead. If not by animal control, by these people who had to witness the horror of all that bullshit.”

“I… I….”

“That kinda dog doesn’t belong in the city, lady; what the fuck is wrong with you?”

The lady looked at me, tears streaming from her eyes. “Winter’s not a dog,” she managed to spit out through her tears. She looked past me and started running toward the animal control truck.

The fuck is wrong with people?


Blog title: Clearly I Am Not a Dog Person
Author: Phun E. Joak


So I was watching the news last night after witnessing that crazy shit with the dog attacking the little girl… Seems there’s a story that’s been released about a woman who kept her son locked in a cage from the time he was born until he escaped the other day. The boy was six years old. She kept him locked in a cage for six years, treating him like a fucking animal. The boy’s name is Winter.


Blog title: Holy shit
Author: Phun E. Joak




26 thoughts on “excerpts from Phun’s Blog

    • thanks- I think? 🙂 I wanted something different than the obvious use of Winter being a season. kwim? and this came out. I’ve been reading too many news stories about horrible things lately.

    • Yeah, honestly, I tend to stay away from news stories as well, but I’ve also found myself reading some disturbing ones lately for some reason. I need to go back to being completely ignorant about what’s happening out there. :/

  1. This was disturbing and yes, like some horrible bizarre news story. I like the journey we take where we go from thinking of Winter as a season, then a dog and then the shock of finding out he’s a child.

  2. How awful!Wonder where that little girl’s parents were and why that dog had turned so vicious?A gruesome tale-thankfully it is only fiction I hope 🙂

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