It doesn’t take long after losing a ton of weight when you get into a funk of sorts… when the high you get from people telling you how great you look wears off after your loss starts stalling. You want to lose more, of course, but you just can’t. (Dammit. Now what?) You want to revert back to your old ways of dealing with a funk—food. Glorious food: chips, burgers, fries, pizza, cookies, ice cream. But if you do that you won’t be able to stop, and then you’ll start gaining all that fucking weight back. (At least it will fill in the sagging skin?) Instead of eating away at the funk, you start drinking. Not enough to become a drunk, but enough to feel good. (All the time.) You start calling into work because you just can’t get out of bed; because when you do, you’ll need a drink and then another. Just enough to feel good, to feel that high you once had when people stopped you to tell you how awesome you were looking before the stall.

Soon you start noticing the creases in your forehead are getting deeper. You think about getting onto one of those makeover shows where they, for free, surgically remove the flabby loose skin from the weight loss and shoot the creases in your forehead up with Botox. (What are the chances of you getting chosen for something like that though?) It’s maddening to you because all you want is to feel good, to feel content with your body, your face.

But the skin. The flab. The creases. They get more and more noticeable, and, by god, one morning when looking at your face in the mirror, the creases on your forehead start taunting you. Motherfuckers. You grab the scissors kept in the medicine cabinet and start slicing into those creases. Blood starts pouring from your incisions, clouding your vision. But you keep going.

Anything to get out of this funk.


{a little piece of flash fiction inspired by the FUNK word prompt at trifecta}


15 thoughts on “funk

  1. ugh!! please get out of the funk!! and stop staring at yourself so much. i realized long ago, nothing good can come of it. you’re doing great. you just need to change something up… start taking walks – switch up a breakfast… anything.. good luck.

  2. You have a way of sucking me in. In the darkness of your FICTION, I find things that humor me, too. Am I sick? That last paragraph was like WHOA! You do dark proud!!! And who doesn’t know and understand that cyclical feeling of ups and downs and chasing after those wrinkles (or maybe it’s just me being old and stuff)?

  3. Nice job pulling us in. You want to find out just how far this character will go to ease her despair. Our youth-obsessed, cosmetically enhanced culture.. you’ve written it well.

  4. Oh this is haunting on so many levels. I can see people using this pieces feelings to encompass a number of things. You have really struck home with this entry. Great work.

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