latest obsession

I’ve become quite obsessed with a recent case of a missing person by the name of Nick Steward. He disappeared on his way home from work on Friday, September 20th. There’s been absolutely no signs of his car, his cell phone, credit card use, etc since he told both his wife (of three years) and his parents that he was on his way home.

I think that was him saying Good-bye.

I think he’s gone of his own fruition.

Hopefully he didn’t kill himself, but, he’s got a one year old son at home so regardless if he killed himself or just took off, it’s bullshit on his part. Of course if something did happen, if he did meet foul play, if he did end up in some horrid accident, then I feel like an ass… but it was 5:30 in the afternoon on a Friday during rush hour near Chicago. Somebody would’ve seen something if foul play was involved.

I hate my obsession. I check the Facebook page multiple times a day. I found an online forum for folks to discuss missing person cases like this and, again, I check it multiple times a day. When I drive to and from work and Lovie’s school and home, I’m constantly looking for the dude’s car. It’s long gone, but that’s how freaking obsessed I am.

Of course all of this comes about when I’m reading Gone Girl, so that’s not helping my obsession.

But seriously, where the hell is this guy?

7 thoughts on “latest obsession

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    hmmm, I hadn’t heard about him at all but now I kinda want to know too.

    Also, Gone Girl? HOLY WTF? Right? That book was inspired and frankly scared the hell out of me because it could easily happen.

    Hoping that Nick is where he wants to be right now.

      • Kir Piccini says:

        yes, inspired, because who the HELL thinks of shit like that? (Inspired isn’t always “good” LOL)

        I hope you love the book, I can’t wait to discuss.

      • Kir Piccini says:

        wasn’t it fantastic? I remember reading it and gasping, holding my hand over my mouth and turning to my husband and saying “I cannot believe the shit that this author is getting away with , this book is going to change the way I write” more than once.

        I can’t wait to discuss it with you Christina!

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