send help or else

Inside the infamous Crown Royal bag
she kept her darkest secrets
tucked under a floorboard in the loft.

One peek inside made it clear:
this girl needed more than a tether.
And soon.





24 thoughts on “send help or else

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    Bravo, this was so good and scary too, to imagine that kind of helplessness with the bottle or otherwise. You captured that “rock bottom” and “intervention” feeling so well.

  2. Oh yes…Royal Crown and warm Bud in a can were there very first things I ever drank -out in the woods in the hot summer sun when I was way too young to be doing such things. I was so sick I still can’t drink beer from a can…I could have used a tether back then that’s for sure.

  3. illsagorrey says:

    When I was young, I thought I couldn’t be tethered. Now I am constrained by family ties and bills.
    I wouldn’t trade the family–okay, I wouldn’t trade my kids. Sometimes I’d like to give my mother and my ex-husband (the kids father) back.
    I drank a LOT when I was younger. It’s amazing I didn’t become an alcoholic.

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