sign of the times: #wah

I’m not even sure how many times I’ve come here today to write. Well, not really here so much as a Word document, but the point is that I want to write. I really, really do.

I’ve got a word I could use from the fine folks at Trifecta.

I’ve got up to 600 words I could conjure for the peeps at Yeah Write.

There’s the Daily Prompt thingie here on WordPress.

And MamaKat‘s writing prompts for Thursday.

But nothing is striking my fancy.

I’ve started and stopped and deleted and rewritten and backspaced so many words. But nothing is striking my fancy enough to hit that Publish button.

What’s the deal with that?

Life’s not miserable enough?

Seriously, I can bitch up a storm when the time arises, but if nothing’s “wrong” then I can’t seem to write.

So damn frustrating.


I didn’t hit the Publish button yesterday for that there above little bit of nothingness. Instead, I tried sitting down today and putting pen to paper.

 hand write

(actual image of what I hand wrote)

Maybe that would inspire me?


hand write close

(close up of beautiful handwriting that took me several times reading to decipher what the hell I actually wrote)


Problem is just what I thought: a) my handwriting is atrocious, b) my hand is so not used to using a pen anymore that it cramps only after a couple sentences and c) I just don’t know what to write about.


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