14 thoughts on “hipster love II

  1. I thought I heard strange wedding songs, but this is the darkest, quirkiest proposal I ever heard. Am I a dork totally missing it? Even if I interpretted the song wrong, I like the scene, says something about the characters. The unexpected and dark, and that’s interesting.

    • heh, not missing anything. that’s why i linked up to Wikipedia. 🙂 truth is, I knew I wanted the dude to sing a song so i needed something with Water in the title. when i saw the PJ Harvey song, i thought it kinda fit the characters. i also learned what that song is really about. i used to really love it back in the day. oops. 🙂

  2. I really got a sense for this couple’s unconventional relationship. I’d probably push him off the bar, but this was probably the perfect proposal for her. 🙂

    Very creative use of your 33 words.

  3. Haven’t heard that song in SO log. I listened to it today 😉 “Little fish, big fish swimming in the water”…love it! Bet the couple in your story have a rad wedding!

  4. mairzeebp says:

    So I looked at the link to the song – not necessarily romantic BUT, I think it could really be quite a story. I liked this! Thank you for linking up. ~Mary Beth

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