She wasn’t a bitch, and neither am I.

I’ve talked about it before–how mortified I am to admit that I once referred to my grandmother as a Bitch. It’s not a memory I love thinking about, but it’s one that can never be erased and one that comes creeping back in every so often.

Funny thing is, my memory generally sucks ass. Not this one, though.

It happened when I was around 10 years old. We all know kids can say and do some stupid shit. And I was a tough ass back then. (Or so I liked to believe and behave.) While I’m not at all proud of myself for referring to my grandmother as a Bitch (in a letter I wrote to my cousin), I’m actually quite grateful it happened… more so, I’m grateful I was called out on it (by my cousin’s dad, son to my grandmother). Because had nobody called me out on it, I suspect I’d be a very different person today.

That tiny moment in time taught me an extremely valuable lesson: Words can absolutely hurt, and while you may think you’re insignificant in this world, there will always be someone who will be effected by your actions.


My grandmother passed away only three months ago. To my knowledge she never knew I called her a Bitch.


I was there with her at the end. I was there out of deep love and admiration for the most amazing woman I’ve ever encountered. How blessed I’ve been to have 40 years with her. How thankful I am that she never knew I once referred to her as something completely opposite of the wonderful woman she was.


in response to

Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

by michelle w. on June 28, 2013

Tell us a moment or an incident that you treasure  – not necessarily because it brought you happiness, but because it taught you something about yourself.

11 thoughts on “She wasn’t a bitch, and neither am I.

  1. This was awesome. I really dig how you are conversational in your pieces. It feels like we are talking to each other when I read this and that’s something I love and value in an author! Great lesson!

  2. Another way to look at it is “She was a bitch, and so was I!” Everybody’s a Bitch/DICK at one time or another. By allowing ourselves to be one, we allow the next guy to be one as well (if you think I’m just saying this to justify my own bitchi/dicki-ness, YOU’RE RIGHT!)

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